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When your pet comes in for surgery

It can be a worrying time for any pet owner when their animal has to come in for an operation or a procedure.

Here at Eaton Vets, we understand this and so have put together this information to explain what to expect.

Every animal is an individual so if you feel you would like to discuss any specific aspects of your pet’s case then please give us a call.

• We ask that all animals coming in for the day are brought down to the surgery between 8.30-9AM.

• Clients are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis; if you have particular time constraints, please make us aware of them when we book your procedure and we will do our best to accommodate them.
• We generally ask that food is withheld from 8pm the evening before your pet’s procedure, however, if you have a very elderly or very young animal, the vet may advise a shorter time of fasting.

• Fasting is important to ensure an empty stomach in order to avoid vomiting under anaesthesia. However, please note:  for all our small furry patients, no period of fasting is required, please continue to feed them as normal.

• Water should be made freely available for all pets up until they are brought to the surgery.
It is a good idea to take your dog for a short walk to allow them to toilet before coming to the surgery, having an empty bowel and bladder makes for a smoother and more comfortable recovery.

• When you arrive at the surgery, the nurse will go through the consent form with you and ask you for contact numbers which we will be able to contact you on at any time during your pet’s stay.
The vet will then call you through for admission to give your pet a pre-operative check and to clarify the procedure planned. Should you have any questions or concerns at this stage then please feel free to ask the vet during the admission process.

• It can be an anxious wait for owners whilst their pet is in the hospital; please rest assured we will call you when your pet is in recovery to let you know and to arrange a home time for them.

• It can sometimes be hard to predict how long a procedure may take, plus we can never plan for emergencies that are rushed in, so please don’t worry if you haven’t heard from us until later than you expected. 

• After a general anaesthetic, your pet will need to be fed a highly digestible gentle diet for the next 24-48 hours, as they may have a more sensitive tummy than normal. We can provide recovery packs for cats and dogs which are a convenient way of ensuring optimal nutrition in the post-operative recovery period.

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"The most diligent, caring and sensitive vet that I have had the great pleasure to come across…which is why I called you in our hour of need and you were again there for us. 
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'Brilliant ! lovely people who really care for your pets with a passion, fees are very reasonable too, wouldn't go anywhere else:)'
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