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heart and paws

Our cats, dogs and rabbits are an important part of the family and vaccinating them regularly is an easy way to help them remain happy and healthy throughout their lives.

Lots of us have busy lives though, so we've changed our reminder system to make it easier to stay on top of routine appointments.

We now send reminders one of three ways - email, text and postcard, depending on which contact details we hold for you.

If you would especially prefer an e-mail or text message, please get in touch and update your details.


dogs trust

One of our clients ran the London Marathon this year to raise money for the Dogs Trust. 26.2 miles is a long way and we're all impressed by her dedication!

She has a page for donations at if you would like to support her.


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Tick on a dog

Dog owners in the UK are being warned about an outbreak of an animal disease that is carried by ticks. It is the first time that experts have established an outbreak of babesiosis in the country.

In Essex, two dogs have died and three others needed blood transfusions after contracting the disease. Experts say that it will be impossible to stop the spread of the disease, which is caused by a single-celled parasite.

The ticks carrying the Babesia canis parasite have been found in fields in Harlow, Essex. The local council has put up a sign with a map defining the area and advising dog walkers not to enter.

Read the full article here

Speak to us about the best form of tick protection for your dog.


We are pleased to announce that we can now accept Vet Vouchers

Vet Vouchers are gift vouchers that can be redeemed in registered practices such as ours.

They can be used towards annual routine healthcare, an outstanding vet bill or even an insurance excess charge.

They make brilliant presents for caring pet owners, helping to lessen the stress that unforeseen vet bills can sometimes bring or just freeing up a little bit of extra money to be used for pet treats or something special.

To find out more go to


vet vouchers

Senior Pet Clinics

Do you own a cat over 10 or a dog over 8, who is healthy and with no pre-existing medical conditions?

If so, your pet can benefit from our Senior Pet Clinics which we are now offering to all clients for just £19.50.

Our Nurses will cover topics relating to senior pets, for example, arthritis and dental disease. We are happy to discuss and help you with any concerns you may have regarding this stage of your pet’s life.

For cats, we will take an initial blood pressure reading at the start of the consult (normal price £40.10), for dogs we ask for an initial urine sample to be collected before the consult so we can test the urine (normal price £14.86). These are included in the £19.50 clinic charge.

Please note if any extra procedures are requested within the senior clinic such as nail clips, flea/worm treatment these will be charged as normal.

Ring us on 01603 455196 for an appointment or to just have a chat about how a senior pet clinic appointment could benefit your dog or cat or click here to contact us online

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Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 6.15pm
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available on Wednesdays till 7.30pm)
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Saturday: 8.30am - 12.30pm
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