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Eaton Vets tour of our reception and consulting rooms

• Ample on-site parking

• Spacious and comfortable reception; our waiting room is light and air conditioned, with plenty of space to allow you and your pet to relax whilst waiting for your consult. There is also enough room to allow cats and dogs to wait in separate areas to avoid undue stress to either party!

• Multiple consulting rooms, equipped to the highest standard


Eaton Vets tour of our hospital

• Digital x-ray facilities; these allow us to take high quality radiographs and obtain the images quickly, which means less time under anaesthetic for your pet. All the images can be accessed from our consult rooms, which allow us to go through the results of your pet’s tests easily and clearly.

• Large preparation area; this area is used for carrying out procedures such as blood sampling, dressing changes and some minor procedures under sedation.
All hair clipping prior to more major surgery is carried out in here and the skin is cleaned and sterilised before your pet is moved into theatre.

• Sterile, contained operating theatre; after preparing your pet for surgery in our prep area, we take them through into theatre for their procedure, this ensures a high level of cleanliness and good surgical practice.

• Separate cat and dog kennelling/recovery areas; a relaxing environment for recovery and hospitalisation is very important. We provide this by using pheromone diffusers appropriate to each species in our kennel areas. Our dog kennels are all walk in kennels, which provides plenty of space and comfort. Our cat kennels are cosy and have been designed so there is a viewing window from our prep area.

• Dedicated dentistry area; one section of our preparation area contains a tub table and dental machine to allow ultrasonic cleaning (and extractions where necessary) of your pet’s teeth.

• In-house haematology and biochemistry analysers; allowing same-day blood result.